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Ukraine: Kiev
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Tel: +38 (095) 5784284
Israel: Schools in Gush Dan
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Private Dance Lessons

As experienced teachers, and dancers, we can surely say that the most effective way of studying dance is private lessons coupled with practice at dance parties.
We offer private lessons, both for single students, and for couples in all ballroom dance styles, such as Argentinean and Classical Tango, English and Vienna's Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep, Rumba, Cha-cha, Rock-en-roll, Jive, Swing, Samba, Lambada, Pasodoble, Mambo, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata &... (more than 40 couple dance styles).
Our private lessons are intended for beginners, for advanced students, and for experienced dancers as well, who want to improve their technical level, or to pay special attention to their individual style. Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and to bring rhythm, and motion, into your everyday life.

If you always dreamt to dance but it never happened, or if you are experienced dancer but open for new ideas and maybe techniques, we invite you to have a private lesson with a great dancer and teacher.
You can choose what kind of a dance you would like to learn. Definitely we can advise you to try Argentinian Tango, especially if you want to try something new with your beloved one.
Tango will help you to feel passion for life and for your partner. At the same time tango is very interesting to learn because there are plenty of variants which you can merge into your dance improvisation.
Just be brave and let's dance!

A dance in 6 lessons. Implicit learning.

There are several ways of studying dance. One of them is learning steps, and variations, and concentrating on your dance technique. This is the long way, and requires many lessons. Often, while trying to focus on details, we lose the connection to the dance, and the feeling of the melody. You can compare it with a man in a strange city, who travels around by subway. The map is already in his head, and he already knows all the stations, and their neighborhood. But he has no feeling of distances and doesn’t know connections. And of course, he doesn’t know the character and the atmosphere of this city.
I have developed a method, that allows you to reduce the studying period to a minimum. According to this method, it’s possible to learn a dance in 6 lessons. The lessons must be successive, continuous, and frequent. This method is equally good for both the beginners and the intermediate students, who, after a year or two of studying, don’t feel that they can flow and enjoy the dance. I believe, that studying a dance, like studying a language, requires knowing rules and exceptions, and not only words and sentences. In this way the student will have boundless opportunities of combination and will not have to stick to a “conversation manual”.
The course includes 6 private lessons (each one is 60 minutes, 4 days apart maximum) and is intended both for couples and singles.
The lessons take place at our new professional dance studios with air-conditioning, parquet floor, and wall mirrors.
The studios are located in the center of Kiev (Ukraine), Berlin (Germany), Givatayim (Israel) and has parking lots.
The course costs 5400 UAH (900 UAH X 6 lessons), 270 € (45 € X 6 lessons), 1140 NIS (190 NIS X 6 lessons).
Judging from my previous experience this method will satisfy every student. I recommend that you come to a trial lesson. The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and costs 500 UAH / 30 € / 120 NIS.
This method will quickly help you to feel free at dance parties and to enjoy dancing. “A dance in 6 lessons” is a wonderful option for those who don't like to learn, but want to take an active part in dance parties (milongas).
Let's start dancing!

Our studios are open 7 days a week, from 9:00 am through 11:00 pm. You can choose any convenient time.
Contact us for more information Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram (24/7): +38 096 9500095

Dr. Andrey Smotritsky, social psychologist (Ph.D), relationship coach, partner dance teacher (more than 40 styles), migrantolog

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