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New Courses

The “ADance” Couple Dance School and Ballet Studio open:
  • The Russian Classic Ballet course is intended for girls 5-12 years old. The Classic Ballet technique is the basis for all dancing styles. The lessons are instructed by an experienced teacher, and a higher educated choreographer. The lessons take place twice a week in the afternoon.
  • The Modern Ballet course. This is a dance theater.
  • The course of Hip-hop, Funk and Jazz. These styles are the basis of all club dances. The club dancing is popular, modern and fashionable. Children dance everywhere — in discotheques, at parties, and on the stage. The advantage of club dancing is that children will be able to dance, and improvise, alone, and in a large company as well.
  • The course “Neo Tango” in the program of Argentinean Tango (first in Israel).

This style will appeal to the people, who like modern electronic music, who want to break down the stereotypes of classic geriatric tango, and to freely express themselves. The lessons are instructed by Andrew Smotritsky.

  • The course “Solo Latin” in the program of Line Dancing.

In this course you will learn to dance different club, and ballroom Latin and Spanish dances, set to the music of rumba, cha-cha, samba, flamenco and so on. The lively rhythmical music, together with the beauty of your movements, will cheer you up and raise your mood. We strongly recommend this course for the people who want to improve their dance technique, coordination and sense of rhythm. Composed of basic elements of the Latin dance program (steps, turnings, position and movements of body, arms, legs and so on) these dances let you create, and improve, your own dancing style, that you can use in the couples dancing as well. The lessons take place on Mondays at 08:00 pm and are instructed by an experienced choreographer, and teacher, Olivia Matilda Hof.

  • The course “European Tango and Pasodoble” in the program of Ballroom and Latin Dances.

Both dances are very similar in their character, melodiousness, and style. And there is no need to say anything about their popularity. We only can say that no event, be it wedding, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, or even parties for singles, is possible without these dances. The lessons take place on Mondays at 09:15 to 10:30 pm and are instructed by an experienced choreographer, and teacher, Olivia Matilda Hof.

  • The “Swing” course in the program of Salsa and Latin Dances.

This style was created in the 20-ties of the last century. It was the beginning of a new age that gave to the world many new styles and directions, such as Charleston, Rock’n’Roll, Twist, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy-Hop, Jive, Balboa and others. If you like this music, come and enjoy! The lessons are instructed by experienced teachers.

A minimum number of students is required to open the course. For registration contact us by phone 052-8490555 Andrew or this e-mail.

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